1955 Movies

A Journey to the Beginning of Time

Man Without a Star

Pather Panchali

The Quatermass Xperiment

The Cockleshell Heroes

Richard III

The Ladykillers


The Court Jester


Lola Montès

The Littlest Outlaw

All That Heaven Allows

The Night of the Hunter

Les diaboliques

The Tender Trap

Rebel Without a Cause

No Man’s Woman

The Trouble with Harry

Killer’s Kiss

Blood Alley

The Phil Silvers Show

Apache Woman


It’s Always Fair Weather

The Man from Laramie

Mr. Arkadin

Pete Kelly’s Blues

Revenge of the Creature

It Came from Beneath the Sea

Lady and the Tramp


Bad Day at Black Rock

Run for Cover

Conquest of Space

Violent Saturday

The Man from Bitter Ridge

East of Eden

Chief Crazy Horse

Captain Lightfoot